Services2Our unique service model helps take your wind business to the Next Level. We listen to your wind businesses’ unique challenges and goals, analyze the data, and recommend and implement solutions that will maximize success. Our areas of expertise include:

Audit Analysis and Operational Enhancement

Next Level Renewables can provide a review of the operation, analyze the data, and help wind project owners and utilities analyze their current production levels, making and implementing recommended enhancements to their operation to reach 99% availability and maximize energy capture rates. We can analyze the potential energy losses associated with sub-optimal operation, as well as offer suggestions on how to improve the performance of a wind farm’s fleet of assets.

Global Distribution Consulting

Our Next Level team has extensive experience in business development, with a strong network of wind-energy relationships across the globe.

We can help your organization broaden distribution of your wind-energy products and services to our network of individuals at wind farms, utilities and turbine manufacturers.

Organizational Analysis

A renewable project’s success is dependent on the abilities and performance of their management and technical team. Our team will do a full analysis and give an unbiased opinion on the capabilities of the personnel at a project, or within an organization. We can also conduct a nationwide search to recruit key personnel and fill positions that will help optimize your project for success. Currently we have senior level technicians, as well as industry executives and managers with experience in construction, operation and asset management actively seeking opportunities and prepared to support your needs.

End of Warranty Analysis

Over $2B of wind energy assets are coming to the end of warranty in the next few years, and many wind project owners will have to decide whether or not to stick with their OEM , hire a third party independent service provider, or self-operate. Many factors influence the “make, buy or blend” decision, and we are here to help. We will help wind project owners analyze the make-up of their fleet, the age, their team’s capabilities, and their appetite for risk. We will develop options and plans for each scenario. Our experience in building the leading ISP in North America makes us uniquely qualified to help wind project owners make the best decision for them, and build a comprehensive plan including hiring key people, implementing training, processes and best practices. Working closely with you, we will create a customized fleet management plan that will optimize your renewable energy assets.

Environmental Services Consulting

Next Level Renewables Environmental Team has over 7 years of professional experience in natural resource management and regulatory compliance. We specialize in Endangered Species Act compliance, Clean Water Act compliance and permitting, and mitigation planning. Our team has been responsible for several large public and private development projects. We will manage sub-consultants, staff, budgets, and regularly meet with clients to communicate project progress.

Next Level Renewables works closely with applicants and government entities to design projects that avoid impacts to the greatest extent possible while still maintaining economic feasibility and meeting local, state, and federal requirements. We have worked closely with state transportation authorities, Federal Highway Administration, and local entities in the preparation of single and multi-species Natural Environmental Studies, Biological Assessments and Preliminary Environmental Reviews.

We facilitate a good working relationship with local regulators by assisting applicants with innovative mitigation solutions and alternatives that incorporate the goals of the agencies involved. We will work closely with applicants, the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the US Army Corps of Engineers to design environmental friendly projects and have developed forward thinking mitigation strategies, mitigation and monitoring plans, and open space preserve plans for single and multi-species impacts as well as wetlands. In addition, our staff routinely performs wetland delineations, wildlife surveys, raptor surveys, and is responsible for original research and report preparation. Our trained staff is also qualified to conduct protocol-level biological surveys for listed species, as well as multiple non-listed species.