About Us


Our strength comes from our deep industry experience and unrivaled expertise. We have a long and distinct track record in the wind industry with significant experience across many disciplines. We have been intimately involved with multiple wind turbine manufacturers and the development of their products. We have developed O&M organizations for OEMs, and founded the largest and most successful ISP in the US wind industry. In conjunction with the development of that ISP, we attracted and retained the most talented team in the industry. We were very fortunate to have surrounded ourselves with strong capable individuals who earned praise from their peers and made the success of the business possible. Our experience includes the construction and operation of more than 6GW of onshore wind energy projects.

Bo Thisted

Bo Thisted is the founding partner and president of Next Level Renewables. A true innovator and leader in the wind energy business for over 25 years. Bo founded UpWind Solutions and with his vision, grew the company to be the leading independent service provider to the wind industry in North America, managing over 1.7GW of assets at a higher availability and efficiency level than other providers. Prior to founding UpWind, Bo served as one of the original architects of operations and maintenance (O&M) and Environment Health and Safety (EHS) standards for Enron Wind / General Electric Wind Energy (GE). Bo led the initial roll-out of the GE 1.5MW fleet in North America and later managed all of GE’s offshore assets. He was also responsible for GE’s prototype turbines including the 2.X MW and 3.6 MW platforms. After leaving GE, Bo served as chief technical officer for the development firm Naturener and during his career has established service organizations for several manufacturers. Bo is intimately familiar with the technology of various manufacturers and is the author of multiple patents.